TruSculpt® (Permanent Fat Cell Loss)

The body you want down to the last curve

Complexion MedSpa+ is proud to offer truSculpt®, a revolutionary non-surgical, bodysculpting treatment that allows you to personalize your ideal body in as little as one 15-minute treatment. TruSculpt is a safe and effective technology that is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas around your abdomen, thighs, arms, back and flanks. With truSculpt, you can get the body definition you want, even in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

Personalize Your Body Your Way

❖ Avg 24% permanent fall cell lose (never to return) in 1 treatment

❖ FDA cleared

❖ No down time, No medications

❖ Fast 15 min treatments

❖ Treat those unwanted bulges (abs, thighs, flanks, buttocks, arm fat)

❖ Supports skin tightening

How it works:

TruSculpt® is the only non-invasive Monopolar RF technology to selectively target fat and therapeutically heat it – until fat cells are eliminated by passing through the body naturally. This proprietary platform makes sure therapeutic temperatures are met, patient comfort is maintained, and clinical efficacy is achieved throughout each fifteen-minute treatment session.
•Average of 24% fat reduction is achieved in just one treatment.



At Complexion MedSpa+, we use truSculpt® to take a multidimensional approach to body contouring and circumferential reduction by delivering clinically therapeutic temperatures to the subcutaneous adipose tissue to achieve the highest clinical efficacy in the shortest possible
treatment time. This targeted and uniform approach ensures truSculpt® results are achieved. Radio frequency (RF) energy delivers just the right amount of heat to destroy stubborn subcutaneous fat cells, which are then naturally flushed out of the body for gradual and natural looking toning. The precise delivery of the therapeutic temperature means you stay comfortable, while we help you achieve the best results.


Where exercise and dieting have stalled or failed, there’s truSculpt body sculpting: the fast, comfortable, and non-invasive procedure that will help you decrease your circumference, diminish fat, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite. You get to choose those stubborn areas that you just want gone.

Target Stubborn Fat

For Visible results in only 1 treatment check out these before and after pictures

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❖ This procedure is versatile and effective to treat a wide range of patients who may not be a candidate for other contouring procedures due to treatment location, skin type, fat thickness and presence of skin laxity.
❖ The treatment has minimal discomfort and has been compared to a hot stone massage.
❖ There is no visible downtime after the procedure and normal activity can be resumed immediately.
❖ The treatment time is dependent on the treatment size and how many areas are treated. Treatment time is typically 15 to 30 minutes to treat the abdomen and flanks.
❖ Typically, only 1 treatment is needed. Maximum results are visible after 12 weeks. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire. Your truSculpt treatment consultant can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!


How do I prepare for treatment?

There is no special preparation needed.

How is the procedure performed?

An initial evaluation is performed to determine the appropriate treatment areas, handpiece, and settings for the equipment. The truSculpt® hand pieces are attached and within 2 minutes, the device will reach the optimal temperature. The truSculpt® handpiece will be applied to your skin, and targeted pulses of RF energy is delivered. Each pulse will last about 4 minutes, until the handpiece is moved to an adjacent area to begin a new pulse.

How long does the treatment take?

Set up takes approximately 30mins as we need to do our measurements and determine best placement for optimal results. Treatment time depends on the area(s) being treated, but typically takes between 15 minutes to an 30 minutes per area.

How many treatments will I need?

You only require 1 treatment to see results over the areas treated. TruSculpt averages 24% fat cell loss. This is a very targeted procedure that allows you to select those bulges you want gone. Our device has 6 pads and is able to treat up to 6 bulges in one 15 minute treatment. Depending
on your goals you may need additional treatments…a second treatment over the same area averages up to 40% fat cell loss.

What areas can I get treated?

There is no limitation to the areas we treat with TruSculpt. This is a targeted specific treatment to reduce the fat cell in those bulges that diet or exercise just don’t change enough. Most common areas treated our the stomach, love handles, saddle bags, folds around the arm pits or
bra, chin, inner thighs, muffin top and backs of the arms.

When will I see results and how long do results last?

We all see results at different times. Some see a few weeks after the treatment and for optimal results research shows best results at 10-12 weeks. Remember the fat cells are destroyed but still require your bodies natural system (lymphatic) to remove these dead cells. How long will this
last…this is permanent fat destruction on average of 24% per treatment. Research has shown 12% to 32%.

Is treatment painful?

While the RF energy delivered by truSculpt® heats deep layers of skin, the discomfort is extremely tolerable. No pain medication, topical anesthetics, or numbing agents are necessary. Your consultant will work with you the entire treatment to moderate the temperature to your
tolerance and motivate you to achieve above average results.

What is recovery like?

Here is the best part. NO downtime. You can continue your daily activities with out delay.

What’s the difference between truSculpt and truFlex®?

These 2 treatments although providing a separate result work best when combined. In combination you get a “TruBody” result. If you goal is to look slimmer and more tone the “TruBody” package is the best choice. TruSculpt reduces the layers of fat or unwanted bulges.
TruFlex is like going to the gym for 3 months in one session with no down time. TruFlex will give those targeted muscle the strength and tone that everyone wants to see. It can also have the added slimming affect as tone muscle pulls in or tightens the area treated. The look would be
like when you flex your muscles or suck in your belly but happening all the time. Maximize your results with the “TruBody” package.

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