Before Vs After Results

At Complexion Medical Laser Skin Clinic, we provide treatments that help you achieve healthy and radiant skin. Combining state of the art technology and the experience of our skin care technicians, you will notice visible improvements in your complexion. 

Facial Texture, Tone, and Tightness Treatment with 2D Skin Rejuvenation

Photo courtesy of Greg Waslen, MD

Full Face Treatment with Pearl Fusion Laser

Photo courtesy of Dr. Jill Lezaic

Diffuse Cheek Redness and Wrinkles with Laser Genesis

Photo courtesy of: Kevin Smith, MD, FRCPC

Face Treatment with Pearl Laser

Photo courtesy of: Dr. Monte Harris

Crow’s Feet, Deep Lines, and Wrinkles Removal using Pearl Laser

Photo courtesy of Leonardo Rasi, MD

Chest Redness and Freckles Treatment with Cutera Limelight

Photo courtesy of Maurice Adatto, MD

Finer Armpit Hair Removal with ProWave

Photo courtesy of M. Christine Lee, MD

Laser Hair Removal

Photo courtesy of Debbie Caddell

Finer Chin Hair Removal with ProWave LX

Photo courtesy of: Vein institute & Medical Spa Inc.

Facial Spider Vein Removal with Cutera AcuTip Laser

Photo courtesy of E. Vic Ross, MD

Laser Spider Vein Removal on the Legs

Photo courtesy of Debbie Caddell

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