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Referral Program

Complexion Medical Laser Clinic – Client Referral Program

The Complexion Medical Laser Clinic Referral Program makes it easy for you to share your knowledge about Complexion Medical Laser Clinic with your friends and colleagues and get rewarded at the same time.
For every friend or colleague that you refer and who becomes a Complexion Medical Laser Clinic Customer, your Complexion account is eligible for a $50 credit.
The referred client must purchase a service of $200 or more before credit is applied.
  • 1. Referrers and referees must have a paying Complexion Medical Laser Clinic service in order to apply the credits to their accounts.
  • 2. Referrers must use the referral “How did you hear about us?” when filling out client intake to refer friends and colleagues to Complexion Medical Laser Clinic in order to be eligible.
  • 3. Friends and colleagues must receive a service from Complexion Medical Laser Clinic that costs $100 or more prior to credit being assigned”
  • 4. You, the referrer, will receive a $50 credit for each new customer you have referred that has registered and paid for one service over $200.00.
  • 5. Referral program credits do not apply for any accounts that you may have referred prior to the launch of the program.
  • 6. Referral credits cannot be assigned to any current Complexion Medical Laser Clinic customers.
  • 7. Only one referrer credit will be granted per each new referral account. If multiple referrers claim the same referral, Complexion Medical Laser Clinic will have sole discretion to identify the referrer for such referral.
  • 8. Referral accounts that are cancelled by Complexion Medical Laser Clinic for any reason (non-compliance with our usage policies) will not be included in the program.
  • 9. Complexion Medical Laser Clinic credits are non transferable or redeemable for cash.
  • 10. Complexion Medical Laser Clinic reserves the right to terminate the account(s) of any referring customer and/or referred customer.

AviClear (acne solution)

Stop acne at the source (sebum). Most acne treatments only treat the symptoms vs the reason why we get acne. AviClear attacks and shrinks your sebaceous glad permanently. Meaning you no longer produce excessive oils that cause the outbreaks. You no longer need to take medications, use acne preventing skin health products. Regain your confidence and don’t fear “when will the next outbreak be?”

 Regular $3240 (includes all 3 treatments)

SALE $2500 (SAVE $740)

Look and Feel Your Best