Rosacea - Causes and Treatment

Who is affected by Rosacea?

Most people with rosacea are Caucasian and have fair skin. The main symptoms and signs of rosacea include red or pink facial skin, small blood vessels/spider veins, and small red bumps sometimes containing pus, cysts, and pink or irritated eyes. Rosacea is not contagious or infectious.

What are the symptoms of Rosacea? 

Rosacea, sometimes called acne rosacea, is a chronic inflammatory of the skin. Those affected tend to blush, or flush, more easily than others. Rosacea can be mild or severe and can also cause thickening or enlargement of the skin around the nose.

Commonly affected areas from Rosacea

How do you identify rosacea triggers?

Physician can determine specific triggers. You are what you eat. Certain foods can affect your skin as well as your lifestyle and the environment so be more mindful and take control of your daily habit.

Here are some common triggers:

  1. Alcohol such as red wine
  2. Spicy or hot foods and drinks
  3. Exercise
  4. Sun and wind exposure
  5. Anxiety and stress
  6. Caffeine 
  7. Chocolate

What is rosacea caused by?

Experts are not entirely sure what are the causes of rosacea. Skin specialists (dermatologists) do suggest that abnormalities in the blood vessels of the face cause the flushing, persistent redness, and visible blood vessels.


Recent Study in July 2018 shows that over 415 Million people suffer from Rosacea worldwide. Rosacea is common than we think, however with the right treatment it is controllable and can be treated. 

Treatment – How do you clear up rosacea?

1. Light based Laser treatments is very effective to help keep the rosacea skin condition under control. At Complexion MedSpa, we may use laser or Intense pulse light (IPL) to help treat rosacea. IPL is a effective non-invasive therapy method that gently heats the treatment area and rid of unwanted cells. It is useful in treating rosacea, dark spots, scars, and much more. A case study in 2007 has shown that using intense pulse light (IPL), non-ablative, 1064Nd:YAG laser, and antibiotics during treatment of rosacea results in much better overall cosmetic outcomes. You could read more about this study by clicking here.

2. Medical grade skin care that has been specifically designed for this condition such as ZO® SKIN HEALTH – SKIN NORMALIZING SYSTEM

The ZO® Skin Normalizing System is a complete selection of therapeutic products for the treatment of red, sensitized skin.

This system features Rozatrol®, a daily treatment serum which works to normalize skin by reducing excess oil, which can lead to inflammation. An enzymatic exfoliator provides ultra-mild exfoliation, while amino acids support optimal microcirculation to prevent the signs of premature aging

Gentle Cleanser for All Skin Types – 60 mL / 2 Fl. Oz.
Exfoliating Polish – Net Wt. 16.2 g / 0.57 Oz.
Oil Control Pads Acne Treatment – 60 Pads, 75 mL / 2.5 Fl. Oz.
Daily Power Defense – 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.
Rozatrol® Normalizing Serum – 20 mL / 0.67 Fl. Oz.


  • Helps to restore skin to a more radiant appearance
  • Provides mild exfoliation to help smooth skin texture and even skin tone
  • Minimizes the appearance of inflammation
  • Helps replenish hydration and supports a healthy skin barrier function

3. Lastly, prescription products such as doxycycline, antibiotics that kill bacteria on your skin and bring down redness and swelling.

See a Complexion Skin Specialist today to get started on your rosacea skin Care routine today. Our team of experienced skin therapists are excited to help you look and feel your best.

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