This is one of the most common questions asked by clients when they are to do a Botox treatment – “How many units?” undecidedundecidedundecided

Although as practitioners, we already have a number in average as to how many units would a treatment require – however there are so many factors that can affect that number such as ♂️ males typically need more than ♀️ women due to muscle bulk, or that your frown muscles are very strong hence you need a stronger dose or simply there is no movement in the crow’s feet so we don’t have to treat those areas.

Hence, coming in for your complimentary consultation is always advised so that the practitioner can rightfully assess and create the best treatment plan for you. Again, we don’t decide your number, your muscles tell us your number smilesmilesmile

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Cosmetic Nurse, Jean

Jean is a Registered Nurse who specializes in Cosmetic Injectables including Wrinkle Relaxers and Dermal Fillers. Her goal is to provide an aesthetically pleasing outcome with great customer satisfactions. Feel free to ask her any question about beauty and skincare at 1833.LASER.RX or email at [email protected]

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