Lip Flip with Botox

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What is Botox Lip Flip 

Lip flip plumps your upper lips to achieve that poutier pageant smile you dream of. A small amount of botox is injected in the orbicularis oris muscle (the muscles that surrounds the lips and controls the movement of the mouth) to relax tension in the area, allowing the upper lips to flip upwards. Not only does this conceal the gummy smile (when a large amount of gumline shows above your upper teeth), but it also creates the illusion of a poutier look. Lip flip is a great alternative from lip fillers for those looking for a more affordable and subtle enhancement to their upper lips. 

Lip Flip with Botox or Lip Fillers: Which one is Best for You?

Although lip flips and dermal fillers both create fuller looking lips, the procedures and results are different. Lip flips create the appearance of poutier lips where as dermal fillers actually do make lips fuller. In a filler treatment, your lips will be injected with a substance consisted of mostly hyaluronic acid to increase volume and enhance structure. On the other hand, lip flips uses a small quantity of botox to relax the muscles so that your upper lips flip upward. This makes your upper lips look fuller but the actual volume doesn’t actually increase; it simply gets rearranged. There are also other notable differences between the two types of treatments.

Botox lip flip is great for:

  • Achieving fuller looking lips without additional volume 
  • Fixing a “gummy smile” (upper lips that disappear when you smile)
  • Having a more natural look 
  • Little downtime and quick recovery
  • Temporary results (3-6 months)
  • A less invasive and cost effective alternative to lip fillers

Lip Filler is great for: 

  • Adding volume and plumpness in your upper and lower lip
  • Addressing severe vertical lip lines
  • Improving lip shape and symmetry
  • Achieving longer lasting results (6-12 months)

Some patients may be more suited for one treatment over the other or a combination of both. It is recommended to speak with our experienced Injectable Specialists to learn about your lip anatomy, personal preferences, and what works best for you. Consultations are complimentary and we are more than happy to answer your questions. 

Before and After

smile before vs after botox lip filler of woman lips1
smile before vs after botox lip filler of woman lips1
smile before vs after botox lip filler of woman lips1

The Importance of Finding a Qualified Injection Specialist

As with any medical procedures, there are some risks involved with botox lip flip. You may experience temporary swelling, bruising, and headache after the treatment. Over injection of botox can also weaken your lips so much that it may limit your ability to move your mouth normally. You may not even be able to use a straw or whistle properly for a short period of time. This is why you must find a highly qualified injection specialist with extensive experience in performing botox lip flip. 

Let’s Get Started Today

Lip flip is a great alternative to fillers as a more subtle way to add fullness to your upper lips at a lower cost. Speak with our highly trained injection specialists to discuss your lip conditions, lifestyle goals, and ultimately decide on the best treatment. It may be lip filps, fillers, or even a combination of both. Do not hesitate to contact us today for a Free Personal Consultation. We are excited to help your lips look naturally beautiful. People will be asking you what your secret is! 

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