The First step of effective hydration is to get rid of any dead or dry skin cells that have accumulated over the winter months. Here at complexion we have a number of at home or in clinic treatments to help you get rid of that pesky dead layer(s) of dead skin sells that is essentially working as a barrier and keeping oxygen out and hampering your moisturisers ability to penetrate the dermis.

Chemical peel – our chemical peel is a controlled acid meaning it doesn’t have the ability to burn or damage healthy skin but is very effective on dead skin cells that tend to bond with the healthy skin cells and create build up.

Not only is this combination of acids helping to effortlessly sweep away dead skin it helps to tighten and clean out pores as well as tighten fine lines and brighten the skins appearance.

Laser Genesis – Laser Genesis is an amazing treatment that can be preformed through out the summer even if your skin is tanned !! Not only is it helping to get rid of dead skin sells it’s also giving your skin sells a natural boost by drawing in healing cells into the facial tissue aiding in collegian and elastin production so you can be proactive when it comes to long term skin damage due to sun exposure. You could read more about Laser Genesis here.


Zo Complexion Renewal Pads- this chemical exfoliate makes it easy to exfoliate the skin while saving you time on your skin routine. You can pair this with your favorite face wash and is safe for all skin tones and types.

Simply cleans your skin then pad dry, once finished drying off the face go right in with a complexion renewal pad wiping it all over the face. No need to wash off just wait 30 seconds and apply your desired skin care. If you find that the summer months my cause acne on your skin this product is also perfect for you as it tightens and cleans out congestion from your pores.  I would recommend starting of with using this product 3 times a week morning or night and working up to daily if desired.

Zo Exfoliating polish – this polish is made up of finely milled magnesium giving it a nice granular feel. It can be used with zo skin care cleansers or your favorite off brand products. Simply cleanse your skin and while skin is still damp apply a pea size amount to the and or directly on your skin being sure to work it around for at least 60 seconds then rinse.

TIP #2

SPF!!! Lets face it at least 80% of us love to have a tanned complexion especially in the summer. But remember your tan is entirely made of dead skin cells and the UV rays have only gotten stronger over the years and believe it or not you can still end up tanned even when wearing sunscreen. Instead of sacrificing the spf for a nice tan try using a lower scale sun screen like 30 or 15.  

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About the Author:

This article was written by our very own Medical Laser Specialist, Nazrene Khan. Nazrene has been a beauty & skin expert for 8 years now. She has worked for large companies including Estée LauderDeclior and Clarins. Feel free to contact her if you have any question about beauty and skincare. Give us a call or send her an email at [email protected]