June is Hydration Month at Complexion!

Keeping hydrated can be challenging when it comes to consuming 8 glasses of water a day here are some tips on how to take water from boring to flavourful.  Check out these great drink recipes that you can make that help keep your skin vibrant and your body energized.

This is one of my favourite water enhancers. According to an article posted by healthline.com not only does adding lemon juice or lemon slices to water make the drink taste quenching you are drinking vitamin c and reducing wrinkles, and reducing the signs of aging skin.  Why not pick up the mason jar drink mugs from your local bargain store and show off “your healthy” drinking goals!

Simple Lemon Water


1 lemon (sliced) or equivalent of Real lemon concentrate

Water pitcher

spearmint leaves (optional)

Fill water jug, add lemon slices, add a few spearmint leaves

Let sit overnight and pour into your favourite water bottle for work. Make sure that you refill your bottle a few times while at work…don’t waste the lemon!

Cucumber water is another refreshing drink. Combine sliced cucumbers with your lemon water or take it up a notch and get maximum benefits by combining the sliced cucumbers and apple slices with plump blueberries! I love this combination because you get to eat what’s left after the water is done!

This water supports healthy skin. Cucumber water can help soothe your skin from the inside out. Sipping water throughout your day allows your body to get rid of toxins and maintain a healthy complexion. Cucumbers are also high in pantothenic acid or vitamin B-5, which has been used to treat acne.


Simple cucumber and apple water


1 cucumber (slice thin)

1 apple (cored and sliced)

Sprig of mint (optional)

Water jug

Fill water jug, add cucumber and apple slices, add a few spearmint leaves

Let sit overnight and pour into your favourite water bottle for work. Make sure that you refill your bottle a few times while at work!

Lime water is also a refreshing drink for those of us who don’t care for lemons! Limes also have antioxidants which are great for your skin. Limes also aid in your digestion. Limes contain vitamin C and flavonoids, the antioxidants that strengthen collagen. To make lime water just add sliced limes to your water pitcher, put it into the fridge and sip on it all day.


It’s essential to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day, including water.

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About the Author:

This article was written by our administrative staff Sandi Grant. As a freelance blogger, she writes stories around food, her family pets, gardening and all things health.  She is also obsessed with healthy eating, and enjoys reading books on Spirituality. 


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