Scalp Micropigmentation

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Restoration?

Have you noticed subtle changes in your behaviour and mood from being self conscious about hair loss? For some people, the difference in hair volume can be embarrassing and may lower their confidence. However, we all deserve to feel great and there is something we can do about this, the solution is scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an advanced medical grade cosmetic treatment that replicates healthy hair follicles by depositing pigments on the scalp. Similar to tattooing, this method creates many small dots the size of hair follicles. SMP can hide areas of hair loss and create an illusion of natural hair. With a fine needle, our aesthetician can skillfully add density to areas of thinning hair, create a freshly shaven look, or hide scars.

    Conditions Scalp Micropigmentation Treats

    • Male Pattern Baldness (AGA)
    • Female Pattern Hair Loss (AGA)
    • Receding Hairline
    • Scar Camouflage from Injuries or Hair Transplants
    • Poor Results from Hair Transplants
    • Fine or Thinning Hair
    • Alopecia Areata and Totalis
    • Scarring Alopecias
    • Trichotillomania

    Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

    • Makes You Look Younger
    • Realistic and Natural Looking
    • Adds Density to Thinning Areas for the Appearance of Thick Hair
    • Covers Scars including those from Hair Transplants (FUE/FUT)
    • Immediate Results
    • No Downtime and Minimal After-Effects
    • More Control over Desired Look when done properly by Skilled Aesthetician
    • Long Lasting Results from 3-5 years depending on Individual
    • Less Painful than PRP or Hair Transplant
    • Non-Invasive

    Treatment for Scalp Micropigmentation

    We begin with a consultation to evaluate our client’s hair condition, whether it be thinning hair, receding hair line, or scars from hair transplant. Our experienced aesthetician will then discuss the look you want to achieve, explain the procedure involved, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

    The actual treatment for scalp micropigmentation is relatively simple. Our aesthetician will typically use a fine needle to meticulously create multiple dots on the outer layer of your scalp in which pigment will then be embedded. This creates an illusion of much fuller and thicker hair that is almost indistinguishable. As the process does not involve incisions or chemicals, it is considered one of the safest hair loss solutions. Pain is also minimal with sensations comparable to a scratching feeling.

    Treatment typically requires a few sessions to complete but also depends on your condition. You will be able to see immediate results after the initial session. It is difficult to give an exact cost estimate as every client’s condition is different ranging from just a few balding spots to complete baldness. We recommend our clients to come in for a Free Consultation so our aestheticians can give you a fair analysis.

    $250 / hour

    Let’s Get Started and Change Your Life

    If you have questions about your suitability for a micropigmentation treatment, we invite you to schedule a Free Consultation. Our permanent make up artist Angela has well over 18 years of experience having helped many people regain their confidence. During consultation, she will be able to assess your specific case, understand your hair restoration goals, and provide the best course of treatment. Book an appointment with us today and restore your confidence! 

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