Saline Tattoo Removal

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Saline Tattoo Removal is Safe and Easy

Are you looking to get rid of an unwanted tattoo or existing permanent makeup? Try saline tattoo removal. It is a simple and safe procedure that efficiently removes or lightens existing tattoos and permanent make up (eg. permanent eyeliners, permanent lipsticks, permanent eyebrows, etc). Saline tattoo removal could also lift pigment color from very dark or saturated brows.

How Does Saline Tattoo Removal Work?

An all natural, gentle on the skin saline solution is applied over the treatment area to dry out existing pigment (your tattoo or permanent makeup). The saline basically breaks up pigment and lifts it out of the surface of the skin via osmosis. A scab then forms and falls off, resulting in a lightened tattoo. This tattoo removal method is non toxic, less invasive, and much safer than laser removal. Moreover, the treated area can be re-tattooed again after it heals.

The number of treatments may vary from one to five, depending on the size, saturation, and depth of the pigment. Pigments that are much closer to the surface of the skin are easier to be removed. Scabbing may also last from three to ten days after treatment as the saline solution draws out the pigment. Typically, the treated area may look temporarily darker before it lightens up.

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    Book an Appointment and Start Fresh

    The number of sessions, cost, and how much pigment can be removed varies depending on each individual. So come on in for a free consultation and see if saline tattoo removal can help you achieve your desired look. Our experienced Makeup Artist Angela is a seasoned makeup artists with over 18 years of experience having helped many look and feel beautiful. She will carefully assess and discuss the best option for your needs. It is time for a fresh start! 

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