Nail Extensions

Beautiful hands have always been very important in our grooming ritual. In ancient Egypt, women accessorized their nails as symbols of status and wealth. Nowadays, beautiful nails are a mark of femininity and allow us to express our personalities. However, not all of us are blessed with perfect nails and it’s difficult to maintain. The solution is nail extensions, which are essentially durable and lovely artificial tips added to your original nails. Complexion’s nail technicians will help you custom sculpt or maintain a set of natural-looking gel or acrylic nail extensions. Our high-quality nail extensions are ideal for those with soft or damaged nails, short nail beds, or simply those looking to express themselves.

Nail Extension Services $65-75

  • We offer acrylic, gel nail extensions, overlays, and refills
  • Perfect for weddings, vacations, parties, and all occasions
  • Customized styles and colours for your lifestyle
  • Friendly and experienced nail technicians available to help
black and green fingernail extensions on finger holding to a belt

Acrylic or Gel Extensions

Acrylics tend to be harder than gel extensions while gel extensions are more flexible and natural-looking; gels are also more expensive. Also, the notable chemical difference is that acrylic needs mixing on the go while gel is premixed and needs to be cured under an LED/UV lamp. So how do you decide which nail extension type is right for you? Well, it depends on your nails and the look you want to achieve. If you have really soft and splitting nails, they may need acrylic extensions for the extra strength. However, if your nails are brittle and hard, gel extensions may be recommended for the flexibility. Our experienced aestheticians will assess the health of your nails and customize the service to your lifestyle as needed.

Let’s Get started

Come on in for a free consultation and tell us about what you want. Our aestheticians are more than happy to examine your nails and design a set of healthy, long, and beautiful nails just for you. Whatever the look you are going for, we got you! Book an appointment today with Complexion and transform your nails.

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